Chain progression

When the entire chain is in excellent condition, synergies and logistic advantages are achieved.

We fully understand our position as a link in the huge production process. Outsourced sub-assemblies manufactured for machines and devices in particular are realised as a result of co-operation of a number of actors. At best, this means that each can focus on their own core expertise. Around 60% of Viimet Oy's turnover is derived from the supply of parts and sub-assemblies. We are link in the sub-contractor chain, also operating as a purchaser ourselves. As our suppliers are all located within a ten kilometre radius of out facility and traffic operates in between almost daily. Synergy advantages benefitting all parties are created from workin together.

We know how to make good concrete mould!

The making of concrete mould requires special expertise obtained through experience and product development.

Bearing full responsibility and renewal of wearing mould parts are strengths Viimet Oy holds. In this way the know-how related to the manufacture of increasingly durable and easily maintained moulds has also refined to become one of the company's special areas of expertise.

In the middle-sized series

Viimet Oy is a isgnificant professional in the machining and welding of sub-assemblies. Viimet has invested in new technologies to facilitate customer-oriented needs analyses. Medium-sized machine parts, including parts for forest machinery and other machines and devices, are engineered at the modern premises in the Joensuu industrial estate. The company functions as s reliable partner for numerous international corporations.

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Viimet Oy
Käenkoskentie 4, FI-80130 Joensuu
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ViiMet Oy

Käenkoskentie 4, 80130 JOENSUU
Puhelin +358 50 3705 212
Fax (013) 285 292
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